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23 April 2014 19:47
A woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder after three young children believed to be suffering from life-limiting genetic disorders were found dead in a house.
The 43-year-old was held after the bodies of a girl aged four and two boys aged three were found in a large semi-detached house in......More
22 April 2014 20:39
 In a show of US support for Ukraine’s embattled government, Vice President Joe Biden delivered an aid package on Tuesday  and demanded Russia back off but also warned Kiev it must tackle the “cancer of corruption”.
Demanding Moscow “stop talking and start acting” to disarm pro-Russian......More
22 April 2014 10:27
An agreement reached last week to avert wider conflict in Ukraine was faltering as the new week began, with pro-Moscow separatist gunmen showing no sign of surrendering government buildings they have seized. US and European officials say they will hold Moscow responsible and impose new economic......More
17 April 2014 21:11
Top diplomats from the United States, European Union, Russia and Ukraine reached agreement after marathon talks Thursday on immediate steps to ease the crisis in Ukraine.
The tentative agreement puts on hold — for now at least — additional economic sanctions the West had prepared to impose on......More
17 April 2014 20:13
 Rescuers struggled with strong waves and murky waters yesterday as they searched for hundreds of people, most of them teenagers from the same school, still missing after a South Korean ferry capsized 36 hours ago.
Coastguard, navy and private divers scoured the site of the accident, about......More
17 April 2014 16:27
North Korean diplomats have asked the British government to take action against a London hair salon's poster poking fun at distinctively coiffured leader Kim Jong Un. The Foreign Office said on Wednesday it had received a letter from the country's embassy objecting to the poster, and was......More
16 April 2014 20:12
JINDO, South Korea - South Korean coastguards and navy divers resumed their search on Wednesday for nearly 280 people still missing after a ferry capsized in what could be the country's worst maritime disaster in over 20 years.
They will also be seeking answers to many unanswered questions......More
16 April 2014 09:35
About 160 passengers, including high school students, were plucked to safety this morning in a dramatic rescue from a South Korean passenger ferry sinking with 475 on board, officials said, although at least two people had died.

South Korean officials said the rescue operation was still......More
15 April 2014 20:35
Ukrainian armed forces yesterday launched a "special operation" against militiamen in the country's Russian speaking east, authorities said, recapturing a military airfield from pro-Moscow separatists.
Gunfire could be heard from the airfield at the town of Kramatorsk after a fighter jet swooped......More
15 April 2014 09:16
SLAVIANSK- Pro-Russian separatists on Monday ignored an ultimatum to leave occupied government buildings in eastern Ukraine while another group of rebels attacked a police headquarters as a threatened military offensive by government forces failed to materialise.
Rebels in the town of......More
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